Monday, October 27, 2008

Random Stuff

Rommel always says that I surprise him with how "domesticated" I have become since we got married. The first year I spent adapting to California, finding a job, and getting used to being married. After that I began cooking up a storm, baking like crazy, and other things like that. We pretty much split things down the middle though. I cook, he cleans the dishes. He does the laundry, I put it away, although it may take me a week to do it.

He is also surprised by my gardening, which kind of surprises me too. After a successful season of tomatoes and green peppers, I decided to grow zucchini, English cucumbers, and mini pumpkins. I even started them from seeds instead of buying the plants themselves. A couple didn't make it after they were put in the ground, but the ones that did are doing so well. After a month, the zucchini and pumpkins are starting to bloom. Obviously the pumpkins will not be ready for Halloween, but I just grew them for fun anyway. This experience will help me decide what to grow in a larger garden next year.

I also started taking a quilting class. I picked out this great black, white, and yellow fabric to make an amazing graphic throw. Unfortunately, I have already made mistakes. I kept thinking that I was supposed to cut the fabric in three inch strips, but it was actually supposed to be three and a half. It will just make the quilt a little smaller, but it was such a stupid mistaken that I was pretty angry with myself for a while. Anyway, the class has really gotten me back into sewing again. I made some really nice pillow cases for my bedroom. I found this extra soft flannel fabric with sock monkeys all over it and decided to make some for my sister too. I think they turned out pretty well and my sister loved them. Plus, it was nice to be able to do something for her.

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