Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why my husband is so AWESOME!

I am blessed to have a husband that takes whatever I throw at him, such as my anxiety, and is completely supportive in the process. The most recent curve ball is that I might be dealing with rheumatoid arthritis. My hands, wrists, knees, ankles, and feet are extremely tender and ache 24/7. I also have a horrible time trying to get up in the morning and am exhausted by mid morning.

Even after a stressful twelve hour work day, Rommel will help me around the house or make dinner for me. If there is something in particular I would like, he will pick it up on his way home.

Yesterday was a particularly bad day for me and I was ready to break out in tears by noon. I took a nap over my lunch hour which helped, but I also depended on caffeine and sugar to get me through work. I was able to summon the energy to cook dinner for both of us, but otherwise I was not able to get off the couch. Rommel came home and suggested we go for a walk. My feet were achy, but after he bribed me with Starbucks green iced tea, I was more willing to go. After a short walk, I crashed in front of the TV, but he nagged me until I spent at least five minutes on the elliptical/bike thing. It took the little energy I had left, but I slept better than I have in quite a few nights and felt better this morning.

Instead of letting me off the hook because I was tired and bitchy, Rommel encouraged me to do what was best for me. I know he was exhausted from working an extremely long day and I love him for pushing my fat ass out the door.

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